Buggy Babies

Post-natal exercise that doesn't feel like post-natal exercise.

Buggy Babies are Movement and Bloom’s very own buggy fitness classes: Outdoor post-natal class designed specifically for mum and baby.

If you’re a mum who doesn’t like the idea of any kind of exercise classes, or you just want to take advantage of our beautiful Wirral and Cheshire countryside, then Buggy Babies is for you.

Consisting of outdoor power walking in stunning surroundings – with our babies in their pushchairs, of course – the classes also include exercises designed to tone, shape and get you fit.

Along the way we have lots of stops for resistance exercises using benches, steps and resistance bands, working the upper and lower body.

Buggy babies classes are different every week but they are always great fun and a fantastic way to exercise with your baby while meeting other mums.

Joining a Buggy Babies group will help you:

Burn off that excess fat with cardio pushing intervals
Tighten and tone with resistance bands
Improve core stability & strength
Reduce the risk of post-natal depression
Get you out and about with your baby
Help you make new friends

Not quite your thing?

See what else we have to offer.

Our pre-natal fitness classes are a great place to meet other mums-to-be and are tailored for the stage of pregnancy you are in. They will even help you deal with labour pains.

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Movement and Bloom post-natal fitness classes are not your average fitness classes. We encourage you to bring baby along too and the whole thing is more a social get-together than a fitness class.

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Movement and Bloom pre-natal and post-natal One to One exercise classes

Prefer a one-to-one class?

Not a problem.

If you can’t make it to any of our group sessions, you’d like to have your classes tailored just to suit you, or you’re one of a group of friends who would like to work out together, our one-to-one sessions might be just what you need.

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Our exercise classes are great fun, we promise!

There are other advantages, too:

Post-pregnancy exercise will
Help you get back into those pre-pregnancy jeans, help banish the baby blues, get that pelvic floor working again, zap the post-pregnancy tummy and keep you sane!

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Pre-natal exercise will
Improve your well-being and energy levels, reduce your levels of back and pelvic pain, help you stay a healthy weight, prepare your body for labour and a whole lot more besides

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Buggy babies will
Get you out and about with your baby and making new friends, reduce the risk of post-natal depression, burn off any excess fat, tighten and tone and improve core stability and strength

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